This is a list of some of the services I provide for genealogical research. Note that my services are not limited to this list.

Ancestors, Descendants, & Profiles

I can conduct research on your direct ancestors, and find as much information as I can in regards to them. I can build pedigree and ahnentafel charts to display your lineages. I can also build a set of biographies for each ancestor of yours, using sources gathered from you personally and from the sources I obtain from my access to genealogical websites and other repositories. Although this requires more extensive research for larger projects, I can conduct research on the descendants of a particular person or couple, compiling a family tree for your family’s history, which can be used for you to share with your family, and/or for a display at a family reunion. Additionally, I can build a profile or biography of certain deceased individual(s) using a wide range of sources in several genealogical resources and repositories.

Immigration & Military

For specialized research on specific topics such as immigration and military, I have access to related records, books, and histories. I can find immigration records (naturalization, ship manifests, photo of the ship) on your immigrant ancestor or ancestors, and find when and where they travelled to and from, and the details and circumstances surrounding their immigration.I can use military records to learn more about your ancestors who had military service. I can help you find more about this ancestor, their life, and their military service. Note that more recent war records are sealed away and would require me to place an order, this includes records since World War II.

Documentation for Lineage Societies

Anyone who is interested in joining a lineage society, such as the Daughters or Sons of the American Revolution, there are certain requirements to documenting these lines and some societies have a strict application policy.The Family Historian can help you in your request to obtain such documentation in order to join these societies.Note that the correct documentation will depend whether or not you are eligible to join such societies.

Stories & Legends

Is there a family story legend you have heard about? Do you know if it is true? Depending on the availability of records, I can help you find more information about these oral histories, whether it is proving something to be false or proving something to be true.

Per Record

Is there a specific record you are looking for? I can help you! The fee is just $25 per record, plus the cost of the document, if I am required to acquire the document from some repository. I will also analyze the document and make recommendations on where to go from there on your research.


Do you have any documents left behind by any of your ancestors? Due to my experience in reading several different types of rather “unique” handwriting skills that have graced different types of documents throughout the past couple of centuries, I can transcribe documents you may have. I can transcript documents, letters, journals, etc. Also, I can dig deep into the content of these writings to find meaning behind what is being said.

Photo Restoration

Do you have photographs of family members that you would like me to include in my research report or biographies? I can take old photographs, even those over 100 years old, and restore them, if they are in bad shape.Weather it is fades, full of spots, rips, tears, discolored, or completely ripped in half, I can restore it.


I can also conduct genealogical research using DNA analysis to solve problems, including confirming relationships and connecting adoptees to their biological families.My array of research services is not limited to the above I have listed. I am also able to do several other types of genealogical research not listed. When you are interested in using my services, I will conduct a research analysis for free. This will give me the opportunity to begin to learn about your family history, so that I can better prepare for the research. You will be able to point me in the direction you want to go for whatever you want me to research. I will also give you suggestions as to what I could find for you.